Off Kilter Quilts

Harrison City, Pennsylvania
United States

It took me by storm . . .

The first time I saw racks and racks of quilting fabric, I thought, "I HAVE to get this into my life!"

If you love color and pattern, you know what I mean.

I bought a sewing machine and took a class. The next thing I knew, I was accumulating quilting tools and fabric at a rapid pace. After a few years, I knew it wasn't a passing fad and I decided to open an online shop.

I've never looked back. It's still a joy for me to select fabrics for a pattern, then press, cut and sew the pieces into something that will bring comfort and joy into someone's home.

So, please look around and share in my love for this art form!



I am thrilled to own another exquisite quilt made from this shop. This might be a favorite! I love the pattern and colors she chose. Linda's quilts are absolute perfection and I could not be more pleased with the quality. I am so glad I happened upon her shop on Etsy!
Everything about this lovely quilt is perfect and I am ecstatic! One glance I knew I had to buy it! Linda is so talented and each quilt she makes I find hard to resist! She was kind enough to answer all my questions. I am learning a lot about color selections, fabric designers and quilt patterns she uses in the creative process.
Beautiful quilt! So pleased! Very nice correspondence with this sweet quilter. Her work is beautiful. Mom and I love this quilt!! Thank you.
It gives me great pleasure to award this amazing quilt 5 stars! Each quilt I have purchased from Linda exceeds my expectations. The quilts are consistently well made with beautiful fabric and sensational color combinations. Each and every stitch on this quilt is absolute perfection!
This quilt is so beautiful!!! The material selection reminds me of a summer day with a nice calming breeze. The package shipped the same day I ordered it, and arrived in 3 business days. My quilt came very carefully and beautifully wrapped. Ms Linda’s attention to detail is amazing…just absolutely amazing!!
Beautifully made quilt. Shipped quickly and packaged well.
Absolutely crazy about this quilt! The design is so "summertime" and the fabrics and colors you used are gorgeous! Thank you for a trasured keepsake!
Linda worked with me to create a beautiful design for a very special baby quilt. She communicated very well throughout the process and when the quilt arrived, it was even better than I imagined. So beautiful and very well made!
I Loved everything about this quilt ! Very pleased! Quality is perfect, description is exactly what I read while making my decision to purchase. Definitely met all my Expectations, I was so very happy when it arrived! Not only did the quilt arrived early, but it was very well packaged. I will be ordering again!!! I highly give 5 stars PLUS ⭐️’s Thank you Linda :)))
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